January 13, 2021, Vancouver, BC: End2End Media Group, Canada’s leading one-stop-network for US and foreign producers to bring productions to Canada, has formally signed a new partner agreement with PurpleDOG Post Production, a boutique post-production house that provides a full range of media solutions for producers and creatives including dailies, colour grading, VFX and sound services to take any project to the finish line.

While PurpleDOG handles the creative post-production, sister company LightVAULT Digital Media Services provides easy and secure media management. Clients include several medium to large film distributors in the USA and Canada, with LightVAULT being their go-to facility for secure catalogue storage, international film delivery, format and language conversions as well as theatrical distribution.

PurpleDOG LightVAULT is the powerhouse that creates custom solutions with an array of post-production services from picture editorial through to delivery that can be engaged for consultation during the development stages of production. Remote post workflow options are offered through PostCAST, a streaming platform developed in-house that allow clients to collaborate across creative teams in real time.

Behind the company’s belt are notable films like Hostage House, Full Out and Kiss And Cry (Netflix), Black Water (top box office in China for 2017), and most recently Shudder’s “Most Watched Title of 2021” V/H/S/ 94, among many others.

“We are super excited to partner with End2End Media Group, and already have a project called Impasse that has gone through the network, and our experience has been very positive,” stated Pasha Patriki, Partner, PurpleDOG Producer and DP. “More than anything, we are looking forward to making lasting relationships with producers through the End2End network,” said Keshia Saldanha, PurpleDOG Business Development Manager.

“Working with the End2End partner network was very easy and we were able to access their top-tier service partners. It’s a great service for US Producers working in Canada,” says Sean Kohnen, Los Angeles based Producer and Writer for Impasse.

“We are very pleased to have PurpleDOG LightVAULT join our growing network of industry partners as this partnership will provide our producers a competitive advantage by being able to accommodate their post-production needs from dailies to delivery,” said Jason Davies, End2End Media Group, Co-Founder and Vice-President of Sales and Partnerships.

About End2End Media Group Inc.
(www.end2endmediagroup.com): End2End Media Group is Canada’s leading end-to-end financial, tax credit and production support services network for US and foreign film and television producers looking to bring their projects to Canada. Through End2End’s “one-stop-network”, which is free to join and adds no cost to production budgets, US and foreign producers are able to gain access to all the benefits of producing in Canada. From project financing, to tax credit management, to currency exchange, sales and distribution, and production services, End2End provides producers access to top-tier industry partners to ensure their projects success and maximize returns.

About PurpleDOG Post Production
(https://purpledogpost.com/): PurpleDOG Post Production is a full service, boutique post-production house founded in 2009. PurpleDOG tailors post-production management to studios and filmmakers of all levels, and prides itself in its ability to create custom solutions that merge creative, technical and financial interests of its clients.

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Jason Davies, Co-Founder and Vice-President, Sales & Partnerships
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Shauna Hardy, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
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