February 16, 2022, Vancouver, BC: End2End Media Group, Canada’s leading one-stop-network for producers bringing productions to Canada, has formed a joint venture with Peacemaker Filmworks and Showmax Events, to launch Canada’s first permanent Midsized Volume LED Studio – Peacemaker LED Studios.

Located in Burnaby, BC, the Peacemaker LED Studio is a state-of-the-art turnkey Volume LED Studio that includes three sided plus ceiling hi-def 2.8mm Volume LED, onsite technical support, and full studio access. Capable of using both video plates and Unreal Engine technologies, the Peacemaker LED Studio simplifies production and brings the latest technology to the BC film landscape.

This studio technology offers endless possibilities for filmmakers and is available for immediate bookings.

“We believe the current Canadian volume LED studio landscape has left most productions on the sidelines. We have created this facility to help small to mid-sized productions access this technology so they can develop high quality productions at affordable production rates, and it also provides a second unit LED option for larger productions,” says Jason Davies, Co-Founder of End2End Media Group. “Studio clients also gain immediate access to the End2End Network which includes business services, tax credit management, currency hedging, payroll services, financing, VFX and access to Canadian distribution.”

The Peacemaker LED Studio includes full use of a standard configuration studio facility, three-sided ground mounted LED walls, supported LED ceiling, power distribution, Brain Bar, Bompton processing technologies, and onsite technical support. Access to pre-production VFX and location shots are also available through End2End’s network partners, significantly easing producer’s coordination time.

“By making this technology available to producers through an integrated turn-key process, we believe local producers will gain immediate benefits which will drive more success for their productions overall,” says Davies.

Peacemaker LED Studios
e: studio@e2emediagroup.com

About Peacemaker Filmworks: (peacemakerfilmworks.com): Peacemaker Filmworks is a specialty camera team and leading service provider to the Canadian Film & Television Industry. Peacemaker has assisted in bringing many blockbusters movies, television and commercials to life including Snake Eyes, Ghostbusters Afterlife, Sonic the Hedgehog and Deadpool 2.

“Peacemaker Filmworks made an impossible movie, possible.
Their inventive solutions helped Deadpool stand out in too many ways to count.
A bouquet of crisp high fives to Glenn and his entire team for all their hard work.”

Ryan Reynolds (Future Prime Minister of Canada)

About End2End Media Group Inc: (end2endmediagroup.com ): End2End Media Group is Canada’s leading end-to-end financial, tax credit and production support services network for US and foreign film and television producers looking to bring their projects to Canada. The End2End’s “one-stop-network”, adds no cost to production budgets, US and foreign producers are able to gain access to all the benefits of producing in Canada. From project financing to tax credit management, to currency exchange, sales and distribution, and production services, End2End provides producers access to top-tier industry partners to ensure their projects success and maximize returns.

“Working with the End2End partner network was very easy and we were able to access their top-tier service partners. It’s a great service for US Producers working in Canada.”

Sean Kohnen, Los Angeles based Producer and Writer for Impasse.

About Showmax Events:  (showmaxevents.com) is a full service event and film equipment technology and production supplier that has been servicing North America for over 25 years from their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. In 2020, Showmax began offering Volume LED Studio to the film and tv industry including ROE Visual BP2.8mmV2 and CB5.7mm LED panels, Brompton LED processing and Eurotruss SR50 trussing systems. Showmax’s mission is to make virtual production affordable and accessible for filmmakers regardless of the size of their production by providing superior customer service, support and technology solutions including Unreal Engine, video background plates and motion capture. Showmax can provide scalable Volume LED Studio and virtual production support services to features, tv series, movies of the week and commercials.


For Sales, Partnership or Media Inquiries, contact:
Jason Davies, Co-Founder and Head of Sales & Partnerships, End2End Media Group
m: 604-618-0913 •  jason.davies@e2emediagroup.com