Frequently Asked Questions

Why do US Producers work with End2End to bring productions to Canada?

Lower Production Costs

Production costs in Canada are generally lower than in the U.S. Lower guild and union minimums encourage foreign production in Canada.

Tax Incentives

Canada’s federal government offers attractive film tax credits to aid the Canadian film and television production. In addition, most Canadian provincial and territorial governments have introduced similar or additional incentives to the federal tax credits.

Currency Advantage

Traditionally, the US Dollar has a greater value than the Canadian dollar. Incoming US Production dollars go farther in Canada when converted.

Studio & Talent Infrastructure

Renowned as Hollywood North, Canada offers a skilled workforce and studio infrastructure recognized globally. With a long-established record of production excellence, Canada is well regarded for its exceptional and talented production service industry.

Why do Canadian Producers and Production Suppliers join the End2End Network?

Builds Your Business

Joining the End2End Network builds your business as our network is composed of top-tier financial, distribution and production service partners across Canada, and we will drive business to you.

Increased Business

Daily End2End sales and marketing activities into the US and abroad drive projects north to our network and partners.


End2End partners directly refer business opportunities within our network.


End2End partners are vetted based on a credible track record of successful productions.

Why do US Producers engage End2End Media Group?

National Media Organization

End2End is a national organization that represents financial, distribution and production service partners in every media entertainment discipline and Canadian region.

Government Tax Credits

End2End partners expertly navigate Canadian Government tax credits and film incentives for our clients.

Competitive Quoting

End2End offers a competitive quoting environment through our multiple financial partners.

National Network

End2End has access to a national network of established financial and creative partners with proven experience.

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