National network to support US and foreign producers to bring projects to Canada

November 10, 2021, Vancouver, BC: Last year, when the media entertainment industry was shuttered due to the pandemic, Canadian film and television industry veterans Brendan McNeill, Jason Davies and Michael Baker saw an opportunity to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the film and television industry in Canada as it quickly rebounded to record levels.

The trio, who collectively bring more than 75 years industry experience and have supported more than 500 film and television productions budgets in excess of $550 million, realized that by pulling together during the challenging economic times, they could provide more efficient services, that were more integrated, and better coordinated.

Their vision was to create a no-charge “one-stop-network” for US and foreign film and television producers to successfully produce their projects in Canada, and from that, the End2End Media Group was formed.

Today, through End2End’s growing network, which is free to join and adds no cost to production budgets, US and foreign producers are able to gain access to all the benefits of producing in Canada. From project financing, to tax credit management, to currency exchange, sales and distribution, and production services, End2End connects producers with top-tier industry partners to ensure their project’s success and maximize their returns.

According to the Canadian Media Producers Association’s 2020 Profile Report, the number of foreign productions in Canada have grown 12.1% annually for the past five years, and location and service production volumes have risen by 180% over the past decade. Of the $9.3B in production volume in 2020, $5.25B was foreign (56%).

“With the surge in foreign production volume in Canada and no sign of retraction, End2End Media Group is on the fast track to expand our network of partners and services across Canada and the US over the coming months,” says End2End Media Group Co-Founder and Vice-President of Sales & Partnerships, Jason Davies, who has over 25 years of experience providing financial and currency exchange services to the industry.

“Production is growing at increasing rates with the support of federal and provincial governments that encourage investment in Canada by means of tax credit incentives,” says End2End Media Group Co-Founder and Partner, Production and Finance, Brendan McNeill, who is an industry leader in film and television tax credits. “At End2End Media Group, we know Canadian incentives are a key driver of lower production costs and are a critical part of growth allowing both domestic and international productions to reduce their production costs.”

“We’re seeing an increased demand for top caliber production services in Canada, and new US and foreign producers are having a tough time gaining access to these providers, but through the End2End network, we are able to help these producers line up all the services they need to ensure their projects are successful,” says End2End Media Group Co-Founder and Partner, Production and Distribution, Michael Baker, a producer and distributor with more than 20 year’s experience in Canada.

Rounding out the End2End executive team is Chief Operating Officer and Head of Financial Services, Mike Cooke, an senior business executive with more than 25 years’ experience building high performance organizations, and Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Shauna Hardy, an experienced business and marketing executive who was recognized in Variety’s 2019 International Women’s Impact Report with 50 women from around the globe for making an impact in showbiz as the founder and former Executive Director of the Whistler Film Festival, a role she held for 20 years.

About End2End Media Group Inc.: End2End Media Group is Canada’s leading end-to-end financial, tax credit and production support services network for US and foreign film and television producers looking to bring their projects to Canada.

For more information, contact:
Jason Davies, Co-Founder and Vice Presidents, Sales & Partnerships

Media inquiries, contact:
Shauna Hardy, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing