The Peacemaker Virtual Studio is a state-of-the-art turnkey Volume LED Studio that includes three-sided plus ceiling hi-def 2.8mm Volume LED, onsite technical support, & full studio access.

The studio is currently open and taking bookings.

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Located in Burnaby, BC, only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Peacemaker Virtual Studio is 3,300 square foot Volume LED Studio.

PVS is a flexible configuration studio, which means we can configure the studio for your production needs.  Starting with the basic configuration, additional rolling walls can be added to expand the LED projection area.

“Utilizing Unreal Engine and the Peacemaker Virtual Studio allowed us to comfortably broaden the scope of our scene, effectively faking a 25,000sf Starship Hangar Bay within their facility.
An otherwise daunting challenge, our work became much more manageable by front-loading VFX work for use in virtual production. This gave us greater freedom with our cinematography.“

Andy Brown, Cinematographer, Transmute Pictures

Watch this video from Transmute Pictures filmed at the Peacemaker Virtual Studio.

Star Wars – Bucketheads: Chapter 2 (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

The Peacemaker Virtual Studio provides extraordinary flexibility in shooting scenes and is designed specifically for driving comps and mid sized studio shots.  Utilizing UHD video driving plates, or having environments created in Unreal Engine, the use of the volume LED studio provides flexibility and real time feedback to Directors and Actors.

Multiple driving locations can be compressed into a single day’s shoot. On average, three scenes with 3 shots each can be completed in one studio day.  Not only are you eliminating time consuming location changes, specialized equipment, and costly permits, you can maintain time of day and weather conditions throughout the shoot.

Car Demo – Virtual Production

Virtual scenes can also be created in pre-production and projected directly on the LED panels, giving Directors and Actors the ability to better interact with their surroundings.  This proves to reduce overall production time and effectively eliminate post production VFX, thereby reducing overall timelines.


This impressive scene was shot entirely in one day at Peacemaker Virtual Studios emulating a 23,000sf hanger bay.

See full episode here

Centrally located near Bridge Studios, the Peacemaker Virtual Studio can support large to mid-sized productions who want to raise their production to the next level by utilizing the volume LED studio for smaller shoots and driving comps.

Leading Volume LED Technology

The Peacemaker Virtual Studio utilizes leading ROE Visual BP2.8mmV2 and CB5.7mm LED panels, Brompton LED processing and Eurotruss SR50 trussing systems.  

Peacemaker Virtual Studios FAQ


  • One – Twelve (12) hour day of studio time.
  • 3300 sq ft Premises space, including ~650 sp ft Volume LED stage (see Facility Layout above)
  • Ground Support LED Wall 288 – ROE BP2.8mmV1 LED panels
  • LED Ceiling
  • Ground Support Truss System
  • Power Distribution
  • Brain Bar
  • Two Flex Spaces
  • 2 X Rest Rooms
  • Standard Power Package
  • Access through 2 x 14ft ground level bay doors
  • Crew Vehicle & Work Truck Parking Available


  • Two (2) Onsight tech support for shoot-day up to 12 hours included
  • Two (2) hour orientation session with in-house volume studio cinematographers to help maximize studio use
  • Four (4) hours pre-production time to review up to four (4) driving plates or unreal engine environment to ensure compatibility with volume studio. Video plates must be received at least 72hrs in advance for testing.
  • Additional pre-production video review time will be charged $125/hr


  • Optional 35 panel rolling reflection wall (2.5 m left to right x 3.5m high)
  • Additional 1000 sqr feet office space
  • Additional rehearsal time will be charged in four hour blocks


    Booking Inquiries